The Best Thing You Can Give Someone

Jake Parrish
2 min readNov 2, 2020


The power of a dream.

One of my all time favorite movies is Rudy.

It follows a guy from Illinois who dreams of playing football at Notre Dame. After high school he begins to work at the mill for a few years after he is told that he is too unathletic and unintelligent to play football at Notre Dame. A few years go by until he realizes that it is time he pursues his dream. He drops everything and heads to South Bend. Through persistance and hard work he makes the grades to finally get accepted to Notre Dame. Then through even more hard work he makes the team as a walk on. It is truly an inspiring movie that I would highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it.

Through my curiosity I looked up on YouTube the real story of Rudy. While some parts of the story are fabricated, for Hollywood, the overall story remains true. Through hard work and determination he accomplished his dream.

Throughout the video they interview the actual Rudy. Here is the both of the videos.

And Part 2:

“You know that is the most powerful thing you can give someone is hope. Giving your spirit to other people. Giving them the feeling that you know ‘its worth it all this hard work. It was worth it even when it looked the darkest’. It is like a little boy coming up to me today a 10 year old boy saying “I’m going to Notre Dame” I will never say to him ‘You can’t’ I will always say to him “you’re gonna do it’

This ending part really hit me. Hope is what keeps people going. If you can give someone hope than you can encourage them to let their light be shown to the world.

This is truly the best gift you can give someone.