Only 3 Semesters Left…My Plan

Jake Parrish
3 min readDec 17, 2017
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I have not been on Medium for a little bit due to finals season but now they are over!

Another semester gone…

A huge sense of relief overcame me as I finished my last final and rushed home. A month with no upcoming papers, tests, or assignments to worry about. Can’t wait!

Then on the 3 hour car drive home I started thinking. Wow only 3 semesters left and then what? I don’t want to sound too sentimental in this post but I realized that it was all going too fast.

It feels like I just graduated high school. I want it to all slow down!

These are some good times in college and I won’t get them back. I need to start enjoying every moment.

However I also realized that I have been working really hard to get good grades, be a leader in clubs, and get internships.

Especially for these past few weeks I have been grinding day and night studying for finals.

But all of this work I have been putting into something I am not even sure that I care about.

I find economics interesting, believe it or not, but I do not see myself working as an economist. I want to shift my mindset from looking for the perfect job once I graduate to instead seeking to become the best version of myself.

I think if I focus my efforts into becoming this best version of myself the career steps or life choices will become clearer.

In fact as I was studying for my finals I thought , “Imagine if I put this effort into something I actually enjoyed.” .

Sure there would not be guaranteed success if I put this effort into an uncommon path but there would not be regret either.

But, come to think of it, there is not guaranteed success in the common path either, but there is guaranteed regret.

Therefore in these last 3 semesters my plan is as follows:

  1. Make more friends. Do not get me wrong I have friends. But truly there is only a small friend circle that I would actually consider my friends. Everyone else is an “acquaintance”. If I see them on campus I will say “Hi, how are classes going?” they will say “good, you?” and we will go on our way. I want to extend my circle to where the conversation goes past this. Having your close circle is good but I think in college it is important to make as many personal connections as possible. I will make this effort to be more open to deeper relationships with more people.
  2. Focus energy on obtaining skills that really interest myself. Right now for me that includes becoming a proficient programmer and learning to play guitar. Whether these skills result in a successful career path does not matter. I simply want to pursue skills that interest me. I am 20 years old, there is plenty of time to figure out the intersection between what interests me and what I am naturally good at.
  3. Start something. Coming into college I had my sights on starting company after company. I mean college is one of the best places to start a company. After getting caught up in school and a social life I kind of put my entrepreneurial ambitions to the wayside saying I will have time later. Well, I now realize that is not true. I need to start now!
  4. Create relationships with professors. So far in my college career I can say there has only been one or two professors that I have actually established a relationship with. This is simply not enough. I need to make more of an effort to get to personally know every single one of my professors. They are a wealth of information, experience, and generally really great people. To not make the effort to befriend them is foolish.
  5. Lastly I wish to simply make more of a conscience effort to enjoy the moments. Sit on the lawn, relax, watch the people walk by. Enjoy every part of college while it lasts.

These last three semesters I plan to not leave anything behind.

Thanks for reading!

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