Hey Jake,

I am a current Junior at college and I think about many of the issues you outline all the time! I truly believe that our current educational system is ripe for change. While the cost of university continues to rise the reward is becoming less clear. Also, as you mentioned, the bubble of our college life is not an accurate representation of the real world. Lastly I think our educational system needs a quicker feedback loop. For instance if I take two semesters of marketing only to discover I hate it then that is one year and thousands of dollars gone. How do we make that feedback loop of discovering your like or dislike for a field quicker and cheaper? I definitely think your idea for a peer to peer network is a step in the right direction. I think to work it would need to be affordable for students and effective incentives offered for tutors. Also I am curious how our network of sharing knowledge is going to change worldwide (not just at colleges) in the future. There has got to be a more efficient and effective way to document the transfer of knowledge.

Would love to talk! Really interested in this topic!




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