Hey Andre! I really enjoyed reading about your fitness journey. Just a few questions though as someone who is just getting back in a gym routine (maybe you can give some thoughts). I am about 5'11 around 180lbs, so pretty healthy weight for my size. I am currently working to put on a little more muscle mass before I cut in the spring. My concern is, like you were saying, adding too much on and therefore putting on too much body fat as well. Therefore I really only want to gain a few pounds or maybe even stay where I am at. What would you suggest?

Also do you think that the bulking and cutting technique is really required after the first time? Is it unhealthy to be gaining and losing weight in those swings? I really do not want to be fluctuating that much especially if it is not healthy.

Anyways thanks for putting your fitness journey out there. I will definitely continue to follow along and surely continue to learn.




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