Down 20lbs by Just Walking

Jake Parrish
2 min readMay 9, 2021

Working from home combined with the stress that was 2020 resulted unfortunately in several people putting their weight on the back burner, including myself.

That is why in 2021 I found a spark of motivation to start walking. The spark was in fact a Facebook post I saw to walk 50 miles in January in honor of a fallen service member. This was not really a New Years Resolution for me, maybe more coincidental that it started in January, but nonetheless was the spark I needed.

Once I mentally committed to walking 50 miles in January I was determined to do anything I needed to hit the number. Mind you this was in January in the Midwest too. So usually I would walk up and down the hall of my apartment building, on a treadmill and occasionally out in the freezing cold.

I was able to hit 50 miles in January and I felt really accomplished. It was a perfect number for walking since it was not too out of reach but also not too easy that you needed to commit to it. Since then I have walked 50 miles every month. 4 months in a row of walking 50 miles and I have seen the results physically and mentally.

People are posting all the time about losing weight with this program or that program. Which is great! But at the end of the day once you change your habits your results will follow. I have found that this goal of 50 miles walked a month was a great first step in getting back to the physical shape I want to be in, so thought I would share with others.

I believe it is an attainable goal for anyone looking to improve their health. I hope it helps someone else develop a healthy habit to improve their life moving forward. Let me know if this helps you or if you have a similar story. Thanks!