Breaking Up With Instagram

Jake Parrish
1 min readJan 10, 2018

Dear Instagram,

It was fun when I first downloaded you.

I could not wait to get my first followers, post my first picture, see my first few likes come in.

It was so exciting!

However things have changed. You are still mostly the same but I have changed.

I no longer want to seek validation through the amount of likes I get or the amount of followers I have.

I no longer want to scroll with envy as I look at all the neat things the people I follow are doing. After all most of them just post that stuff for validation, right? It is their highlight reel, not their true life.

You have become an addiction for so many, an easy way to pass the time. I see now that you are not what is best for me.

Therefore I am stepping away for a while. It is me not you.

If I change mindsets where I can be with Instagram in a positive light I may return but for now the break is feeling good.

Goodbye Instagram.