Working from home combined with the stress that was 2020 resulted unfortunately in several people putting their weight on the back burner, including myself.

That is why in 2021 I found a spark of motivation to start walking. The spark was in fact a Facebook post I saw to walk 50 miles in January in honor of a fallen service member. This was not really a New Years Resolution for me, maybe more coincidental that it started in January, but nonetheless was the spark I needed.

Once I mentally committed to walking 50 miles in January I was determined to…

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Something that has been brought to the forefront of the workforce over the course of the global pandemic has been the rise of remote work. Of course many jobs exist that can not be done remotely. A carpenter can not build a house remotely or a chef prepare a meal remotely but with the need for social distancing it has proven that many jobs, including ones not in the software industry, can be done remotely. In fact in a recent survey it was found that 42% of the work force is working from home.


The power of a dream.

One of my all time favorite movies is Rudy.

It follows a guy from Illinois who dreams of playing football at Notre Dame. After high school he begins to work at the mill for a few years after he is told that he is too unathletic and unintelligent to play football at Notre Dame. A few years go by until he realizes that it is time he pursues his dream. He drops everything and heads to South Bend. Through persistance and hard work he makes the grades to finally get accepted to Notre Dame…

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The next big wave of blockchain technology usage is the tokenization of assets. What does this mean?

Tokenization is turning a real asset, house, car, financial security into a digital asset by issuing tokens that represent ownership in a compliant manner.

Why is this beneficial? Tokenization makes the issuance and trading of assets more efficient by cutting out the middle person. This cuts out administrative fees, cuts down the time of issuance (getting rid of timely IPOs), and most importantly opens the availability of capital for issuers.

Markets thrive on efficiency and tokenizing assets make the process more efficient!


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We are getting closer and closer to leaving our reality…if we are even in reality.

You are probably aware of the theorem at this point, but essentially Elon Musk and many others believe that the chances we are currently living in reality is very slim.

This may be true, but for this argument let us pretend we are still in base reality.

If we are in base reality then we are certainly headed down the path towards living in a simulation.

Unfortanatley for many the world is painful, at least to an extent. …

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I was watching the JCole interview with Angie Martinez the other day, highly recommend watching it, when Cole said that he does not think celebrities will exist in 1000 years. (discussion on this around the 1:02:00 mark)

This statement was expanding on the discussion surrounding the current Kanye episode. Kanye, in Kanye fashion, recently hopped on Twitter again to express his views. Views including the support of Trump and the belief that slavery was a choice. This was obviously met with criticism and outcry from the public.

This led myself and others, including JCole, to wonder why we even…

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If you follow Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, on Twitter you will see that his name is put as “Vitalik ‘Not giving away ETH’ Buterin”.

Hmmm…that must mean that he gets asked quite a bit for free ETH.

So I found it quite strange last night when I was looking through one of Vitalik’s tweet threads and saw this.

“A long-exposure shot of a busy crosswalk in Santiago” by mauro mora on Unsplash

The other day I was doing research for a project and I needed to look up the current world population which led me to the World Population Clock.

The number is currently a little north of 7.4 billon. The rate at which it was increasing is what truly astonished me.

I knew that there is rapid population growth in our current world but seeing it in this diagram was eye-opening. The number kept going up and up.

I suddenly realized how small I am on this planet. Let alone the world.

Plain and simple there are a lot of people.

I have been debating this with myself recently as I am in the process of starting a for-profit company that has a purpose-driven mission.

My company is essentially selling hats with several American-themed designs with a portion of the proceeds going to a select few causes that support military members and their families.

I thought it was a great idea. Pursue entrepreneurial ambitions (make money) and provide assistance to causes that are near and dear to me (coming from a military family).

Then someone raised an issue to me.

“This is unethical. Profiting off of others desires to help vets.”…

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Today I went knocking door-to-door in a nice neighborhood by campus. I was doing this to raise money for the organization I am Co-President of on campus, Outreach360 UNC-CH.

My script was along these lines:

“Hello how are you today?”


“Great, well my name is Jake and I am a student at UNC. I am also the Co-President of a service organization on campus called Outreach360. I was going around the community today to raise awareness for our organization and ask for support. Do you have a second for me to tell you more about what we do?”


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