Working from home combined with the stress that was 2020 resulted unfortunately in several people putting their weight on the back burner, including myself.

That is why in 2021 I found a spark of motivation to start walking. The spark was in fact a Facebook post I saw to walk…

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Something that has been brought to the forefront of the workforce over the course of the global pandemic has been the rise of remote work. Of course many jobs exist that can not be done remotely. A carpenter can not build a house remotely or a chef prepare a meal…

“Traffic lights on a post near Wall Street” by Roberto Júnior on Unsplash

The next big wave of blockchain technology usage is the tokenization of assets. What does this mean?

Tokenization is turning a real asset, house, car, financial security into a digital asset by issuing tokens that represent ownership in a compliant manner.

Why is this beneficial? Tokenization makes the issuance and…

Jake Parrish

23. Expressing my thoughts and ideas.

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